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…I started out in high school, paying cheerleaders money to smell their feet after practice. All of this because of a daycare teacher when I was 10, who used to let me play with her feet when I was a kid.  This was in the late 70’s, mind you, in South Texas. I was either made fun of or exiled completely from most everyone else. I have always had a huge foot fetish with women. I feel most at home at their feet.

I started fivelittlepiggy back in 1999. Shooting and editing with my imac 300mhz graphite model, I bought when I hosted fetish parties, from 1999 – 2005 in Los Angeles and Denver. With this new medium to show people foot fetishism through my eyes, I was immediately hooked for life!

I am super particular about the way my websites look. If you have been a follower of mine, you unfortunately know this, haha. But what is created, blows the doors off of any other foot fetish site, imho.  Surfing the net in 1996, and I always swore that I would provide so much more to my people, If I ever got the chance. Thankfully I did.

As I have grown older, I have defined my fetish to a laser like precision on exactly what I like, what I want and what I’m looking for.  I’m pretty much an intensity freak at this point.  I love women’s feet, hot and wet.  I’m all about the pheromones.  If I really fall for a girl, I will do anything from eating her toenails to being her personal ped egg.  To me it is all adoration for the Goddess.  I follow Tao and Shakti, which is a religion within Hindu, which is Woman Worship, basically.  One of the problems I have always had with most religions was that there was no woman in the diety to worship.  I would highly encourage it if you would like to add religion to your perversion.


I think that women should experience, if they wish, foot worship.  Pure, unadulterated sensuality.  I’m not sure how you all get down, but I am basically celibate when single.  I just worship.  And do it alot.  Sex, to me is the end, not the beginning and middle.  I am also not a schooled photographer/videographer.  I shoot out of passion my friends.  But I do make sure that everything is super focused and jackoffable, lol.  Anyway, I want to connect with fellow fetishists.  I’m not afraid of who I am.  And I am always open door for my members.  Whatever they need.  I couldn’t do a fetish site any other way.  Whats up with the name, Chaz Fontana?  Idk, It’s what I named my fetish when I was in college.  And summertime.  Ahh summertime is like crack to me.  All I think about is sweat.

The women on this site are handpicked by me.  Most of them, I will have them send pics of their feet.  If I don’t see pictures of they’re feet, they are damn hot specimens of femininity, so fuck it.  I’m into women that wear their toenails longer (I think it is more elegant).  They have to be pretty, to dream about worshipping them, or have some defining quality.  I love women with stinky feet and openmindedness rounds it out.  Most of the shots are tops, soles, POV and angular footage.  With the “Essence” stat.  If I’ve smelled their feet, you will see the notes of their essence.  If not, then “Unknown” will be there.  I just went to 4k movies.  And they are 3840×2160 in resolution with a data rate of 18mb/sec or so.  I will be video heavy from this point forwards as well.

In closing, I know obsession.  5 million pounds of perversion around my neck, since I was 10 years old.  What makes you smile at 3 in the morning, is what I have immerse myself in, 24/7.  It never stops…  It tickles me pink, to know that 1.3 million of you, choose to surf my network every month.  I will continue to dedicate my life to you, every minute of every day of the rest of my life.

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