Autumn has been one of my repeat models for years.  She is truly one of the most beautiful footed vixens that I have seen.  Her feet are rare in their perfection and she’s got a really cool attitude to boot.  She likes and prefers her toenails naturally long and boy, do those long toenails look good on her!  And the fact that I was finally able to shoot her in 4k only made everything that much more perfect!

4k Streaming

This is a new technology, and there is some confusion over the amount of bandwidth to stream 4k.  We encode our 4k movies at specification, which is 18 mb/sec.  A good rule of thumb is to have 4 times this bandwidth, to view 4k video smoothly.  We suggest that you have a connection with at least 80 mb/sec or you may experience buffering issues.


Images – 259

4k Movie – 12 min. 49 sec.


Age – 34

Shoe Size – 7.5

Essence – Hard Peach

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