Tehray is a cos player and she has so many different styles, it’s ridiculous.  Tehray’s Beautiful Feet are always toenail worn, naturally long.  And that is part of the allure of her to me.  She is a younger model and I can tell you first hand, that her beautiful feet have the good essence.  Now enjoy her teaser!

4k Streaming

This is a new technology, and there is some confusion over the amount of bandwidth to stream 4k.  We encode our 4k movies at specification, which is 18 mb/sec.  A good rule of thumb is to have 4 times this bandwidth, to view 4k video smoothly.  We suggest that you have a connection with at least 80 mb/sec or you may experience buffering issues.


Images – 301

4k Movie – 28 min. 58 sec.

Model Stats

Age – 23

Shoe Size – 9

Essence – Very Hard Peach

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